What Linda's Clients Are Saying

I’ve been working with Linda for the last 7 months and have seen great improvement in my core strength, which has helped me tremendously in other aspects of my life (i.e. my posture, ballroom dancing, my attempts to surf). I’m happy with the definition and tone I’m seeing in my muscles as well. All this is achieved through just 30 minutes a week — I love that I don’t have to live at the gym to get these fabulous results! Thank you, Linda!
— Yvette C.
We are in our mid 60’s and have been working out with Linda for 7 months. The improvement in our strength, stamina and even the physical appearance of our bodies has been incredibly gratifying. The work is intense but very safe and we thoroughly enjoy working together with Linda as partners. Her skills and experience combined with her focused attention and sense of humor make our 30 minute weekly workout an absolute delight.
— Camille & Peter S.
I’m a professional in my early 30’s who began working out with Linda in April of 2012.  I grew up playing sports and lifting weights but had gotten
away from regular exercise as my focus shifted to my career.  At first I was skeptical of the benefits from weightlifting once a week, but I knew I needed to start exercising regularly again.  I saw results immediately and nearly 3 years later my strength continues to increase.  As I think back to the shape I was in then, the transformation I’ve experienced is almost unbelievable. The way I look, the way I feel, my energy level throughout the day, my performance on the basketball court are all significantly improved.  Slow Motion High-Intensity Strength Training has positively impacted almost every area of my life. Now, I can’t imagine not doing this workout.
— Steven C.
I have been doing Slow Motion High-Intensity Strength Training for 3 years now and it has made a significant impact on my muscle tone and overall health. And the fact that it only takes 30 minutes a week makes it extremely convenient!
— Andrew P.
15-30 minutes 1-day-a-week = excellent fitness!!!

Sounds too good to be true, but in my case the claim has been accurate. I’ve been doing this type of regime for about 6 months now. During that time, I’ve experienced a dramatic and measurable increase in strength. With the strength comes many benefits: better posture, healthy metabolism and energy. Although I’m not new to the concept and practice of working out and lifting weights, the Slow Motion High-Intensity Strength Training virtually eliminates the chances for injury and strain on joints and tendons. In my case, the training even helped relieve pain in my left shoulder. I can confidently recommend this program for anyone looking for an efficient and effective way to maintain their health. Regardless of your age or current fitness level, you will reap multiple benefits and improve your health and well-being.
— Michael P
As a mature woman and one that had not done any strength training for several years, I was a bit hesitant to embark on a Slow Motion High-Intensity Strength Training regime that claimed I would achieve results by working out just 30 minutes a week. I decided to forge forward and am happy I did so. In just a few weeks, I could feel a marked difference in my level of strength, muscle tone, and body mass. Linda is a knowledgeable and caring trainer, one who takes a sincere interest in achieving her clients’ fitness goals in a healthy and safe manner.
— Sandee L.
I came to work out with Linda because my doctor recommended that I perform weight bearing exercise to stave off Osteoporosis. I’m self-employed and have very limited time in my schedule to work out. Slow Motion High-Intensity Strength Training is very time-efficient...all of 30 minutes a week, yet it’s safe and extremely effective. My strength has improved dramatically since I began the program in February, 2013.
— Judy K.
To go from exercising 6-days-a-week to one? I was skeptical at first, but I trusted the person who recommended it, so I researched the workout, read relevant books, and I tried it. My goals were:
1. increase my lean muscle mass
2. since it is all weight training help keep my bone density optimal
3. get more sleep. I was working out in the evening and getting to bed too late.
It’s been a year now and I know this was the right choice for me. I can see the changes in my body composition, I’ve been able to increase the quality of my sleep, AND I’ve increased my HDL level!
— Gerry D.