What is Slow Motion High-Intensity Strength Training (Also known as “SuperSlow”)?

SuperSlow is a specialized approach to strength training that was developed in the 1980’s. Compared to traditional forms of strength training, research suggests that slow motion high-intensity strength training requires less time in the gym and has a lower risk of overuse injury. It is suitable for many people including non-athletes and individuals trying to lose weight and become more fit, regardless of age and gender. 

A study at the University of Florida on Osteoporosis in the 80’s showed that those performing traditional weight training of 1-3 seconds up and back were not getting better but when they slowed the repetition speed down to 8-12 seconds their bone density improved. So it follows that one of the best things we can do to enhance our overall health and fitness is to make sure we don’t continue to lose muscle but rather, build new muscle. 

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Weight Loss:
Strength Training helps you lose weight in two primary ways: First it helps you retain the muscle you have while losing weight. Second it has a much greater level of excess post-exercise oxygen consumption than aerobic exercise. The more muscle mass your body has the more calories it will burn while exercising and at rest.


Your instinct may be to protect your joints by limiting your movement, but resistance training offers numerous benefits to help manage arthritis pain. Exercise keeps muscles around affected joints strong, lubricates joints, decreases bone loss and helps control joint swelling and pain. 


Mental Focus:
The research is convincing on how resistance training can improve several major health issues.  It shows it can appreciably improve cognitive function, benefits memory and may lessen depression, chronic fatigue and quality of sleep. It also reduces anxiety and improves self-esteem. 

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How It Works: 
The higher the quality of exercise, the more productive it becomes and the less exercise you actually require. Each exercise is done deliberately to exhaust the muscle or muscle group being targeted. We maximize every second of every repetition. After the session, and with proper rest and nutrition, your body responds and adapts to the workout, allowing you to meet the advancing levels of intensity. The results are a stronger leaner you. The protocol is safe and effective. Many of the health problems we encounter as we get older are the result of the loss of our muscle mass, the precursor to heart disease, osteoporosis, weight gain, joint pain and loss of balance. Muscle is truly the key to fitness.