Finally, a Strength-Training workout that has revolutionized toning and strengthening your core muscle groups, joints and bones within one-30-minute-per-week private session. I offer a cool, calm and collected environment for you to focus on committing 100% of your energy to your workout.
— Linda S. Cole, Personal Trainer & Nutrition Counselor

Linda S. Cole began her professional career out of UCLA as a Sales Representative at The Wall Street Journal. Following 30 successful years in the advertising industry including positions with Fairchild Publications and 20 years with the L.A. Times, Linda aspired to accomplish more. Linda’s love for building relationships and passion for personal health and fitness led her to practicing Kundalini Yoga, where she completely immersed herself in the ashram lifestyle for one year and continued practicing Yoga for an additional 15 years. Linda then became certified as a trainer for a very specialized form of strength training called Slow Motion High-Intensity.

Linda has trained every type of client in the 14 years she has been in the Slow Motion High-Intensity Strength Training business. From business executives, retirees, arthritis patients, athletes to students, all have benefited from Linda's approach. Each client has Linda's personal, undivided attention for 30 minutes in a distraction-free environment using the most ideal machines to make the most out of your workout. Linda prides herself on Observing, Analyzing, Devising, Implementing, and Adjusting your regime including your dietary needs for you to look, feel and perform your best. Read more about Slow Motion High-Intensity Strength Training here

Linda’s passion for teaching Slow Motion High-Intensity Strength Training is equally matched by her 20+ years as a Nutritional Counselor.  Linda believes that the single factor that influences long-term health more than any other  is nutrition.  Her experience in training all types of people has proven that dietary factors overall are responsible for possibly one third or more of all cases of cancers, coronary heart disease, stroke, hypertension, diabetes obesity, osteoporosis and diverticular diseases.  Linda’s success in fostering health and fitness stems from educating her clients to make "sensible food choices" rather than embarking on a “dieting” approach.  This then becomes a lifestyle change, not a short-term fix to build muscle, body tone and burn fat.

Linda has a Master of Arts in Human Development, is ACE certified and her international travels enable her to relate with clients from all cultures with ease.

I learned that you can be your own person if you truly believe in yourself.
— Linda S. Cole